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There are two fat pads over muscles that make up the buttocks.

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Q: How many buttocks does a person have?
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Do buttocks dance?

The buttocks can wiggle and jiggle when a person dances. The buttocks do not dance--they don't have that ability.

What is Fannie?

A fanny is a person's buttocks. Buttocks ("butt") or fanny includes both cheeks, thus, every person has one fanny.

What does buttocks mean?

Buttocks refer to the two round fleshy parts of the body situated beneath the top part of the legs, forming the posterior part of the human body. They are also known as the gluteal muscles and are used for sitting and various movements like walking, running, and jumping.

What supports the weight of the body when a person sits?

Their buttocks

Can a paddling really bruise a person's buttocks?

Sure, if you do it hard enough.

Can an average person bite their own buttocks?

No, most people do not have the flexibility to do that.

What is a badunkadunk?

A badunkadunk is a vernacular slang for a person's buttocks, particularly of a woman.

What is a moko?

it is a tattoo found on the face,arm,thigh,and buttocks of a Maori person

What are blubberbutts?

It means the person you are referring to has buttocks that are rather flabby or loose and has a larger butt.

What is a butt-slapping?

A butt-slapping is an act of slapping of a person's buttocks, usually out of jest.

Is buttocks lateral from wrist?

Yes, buttocks are lateral to the wrist. Lateral refers to the side of the body, and the buttocks are located to the side of the body away from the midline where the wrist is located.

What is the definition for booty?

valuable stolen goods, especially those seized in war or a person's buttocks.