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It depends. Usually an insurance company will drop you if they find out that some kind of fraud is incolved in a certain claim. However, they can drop you because of claim history, or too many accidents within a certain time frame. In essence, if they feel it would cost them more to insure you than you would pay them in premiums, they can drop you. However, they must have good and valid reasons to drop you in accordance to state insurance laws.

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Q: How many auto accidents can a person have before their auto policy is cancelled?
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Can a life insurance policy be cancelled with out telling the owner of the policy?

Depends on the state but usually no. Most states require a 15-30 day notice before cancelling a policy.

How do you find out if a cancelled policy has equity in it?

You call customer service of the insurance company and ask. But if the policy is cancelled, it is very likely there is no value to it.

How can you get car insurance after your policy is cancelled?

Simple. You just buy a new policy.

Does your insurance company legally have to give you a grace period after you are cancelled?

Insurance Grace PeriodNo, any grace period would have passed before the policy went to cancelled status. Once the policy is cancelled that means any grace period that may have been afforded will have expired. If you were still within any regulatory grace period then your policy will not be in cancelled status, it would be in cancellation pending status.They are not legally obligated, most carriers do give you a time to re-instate however

Can you cancel a policy that has lapsed?

If thee policy has already lapsed, there is no active policy to cancel. It means that it is already cancelled.

What is policy evaluation?

Government and the public review the policy and decide if it should be continued, altered, or cancelled.

Can you purchase car insurance before the previous policy is cancelled and the car is still in someone else's name if you intend to register the car?

Yes. Once you have registered the car in your name, the old policy can be canceled out.

What happens when you want to stop paying premium on your item which you have insured?

If you don't pay the premium the policy will be cancelled.If you don't pay the premium the policy will be cancelled.If you don't pay the premium the policy will be cancelled.If you don't pay the premium the policy will be cancelled.

Does your insurance company have to notify you before they cancel your auto policy?

Yes. Depending on the state and for what reason the policy is being cancelled, this determines the number of days that prior notice is required by the insurance company to provide to the policyholder.

How do you go about surrendering a life insurance policy?

You are apply before the insurer for surrender of the policy along with Surrender Voucher and NEFT form duly filled in and signed along with a cancelled cheque for their consideration and doing the needful.

When an insurance policy is cancelled inception date was any insurance ever provided under the contract?

I would need to know why the policy was cancelled back to inception. Sometimes this is called "flat" cancellation and it is extremely rare. Could you tell me why the insurer cancelled back to inception?

You had an accident when your policy was cancelled it was reinstated 24 hours later am you covered?