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22 vanilla wafers = 1 cup vanilla wafer crumbs

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Q: How many Vanilla wafers to equal 1 cup crushed?
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How many vanilla wafers equal one cup?

Aprox. 20 whole wafers

How many crushed vanilla wafers in a cup?

The recipe linked below equates 67 wafers to 2 1/4 cups, which works out to about 30 wafers in a cup. There are 9 wafers in a serving, which is 32 grams (3.5g/wafer)

How many calories of vanilla wafers?

there is 1.6 million calories in vanilla wafers and counting

How many wafers are in a serving of Nilla wafers?

there are 8 vanilla wafers in one serving of nilla wafers.

Where did vanilla wafers come from?

Vanilla wafers are a favorite snack among many kids and adults. They can be eaten by themselves or as part of a recipe. They were first invented by David Jung.

How many Weight Watchers points in a hostess twinkies?

Smarties are 2 points for 4 rolls.

How many vanilla seeds in 1 teaspoon vanilla extract?

In most common forms of vanilla extract, there are roughly 4.8 million crushed vanilla seeds.

How many cups of crumbs are in 11 oz box of vanilla wafers?

One 11-oz box of Nilla Wafers yields 3 cups of crumbs. (I used my food processor to grind a whole box of Nilla Wafers into fine crumbs and this is what I measured.)

What is a recipe for rum balls?

There are many recipes for rum balls. One recipe for rum balls is called the Food Network Rum Balls recipe. The recipe calls for sugar, cocoa powder, crushed vanilla wafers, dark rum, and light corn syrup.

18 squares of chocolate equal how many chocolate wafers?

5 y? 5 y?

16 oz crushed pineapple equal how many cups?


What type of biscuit do you need to use in a cheesecake?

I'm assuming that you're using a European recipe where, what we call cookies are called biscuits. The cheesecake batter is usually poured over a crumb crust of crushed cookies or graham crackers before baking. The cookies (biscuits) can be any kind that you like yourself. The most commonly used is the graham crackers, but many people find that boring and use their own favorite. That could be vanilla wafers, ginger snaps, chocolate wafers, or even chocolate chip cookies.