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Q: How long to recover from heat exhaustion?
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Can a concussion cause heat exhaustion?

No. A concussion is caused by a blow or fall on the head. Heat exhaustion is caused by staying too long in the heat.

What are the factors that triggers heat exhaustion?

The main factor which triggers heat exhaustion is not drinking enough fluids therefore becoming dehydrated. Other factors such as staying in the sun to long can also result in a case of heat exhaustion as well.

Heat exhaustion What to do if the bleeding continues after?

Bleeding and heat exhaustion are not related.

During which heat emergency do you cool the casualty's body by sprinkiling him or her with water?

Heat exhaustion

What is the prognosis for heat exhaustion?

Treatment of heat exhaustion usually brings full recovery in one to two days.

Another name for heat stroke is?

heat exhaustion

What are the effects of heat waves?

heat stroke, heat cramps and heat exhaustion

What are the effect of wave?

heat stroke, heat cramps and heat exhaustion

What is the suffering from heat called?

Heatstroke - its suffering from heat exhaustion.

What symptoms of heat exhaustion?

Exhaustion/fatigue Headache Nausea Incoherence Hallucination potentially

How long does exhaustion and tiredness last?

This depends on how much and for how long your body had to endure a particular stimulus. The best way to get rid of exhaustion and tiredness from your body is to get some rest and drink plenty of water. If your body is not used to the environment that caused you to get really tired then it might take a little longer for your body to recover from that stress. Nevertheless, plenty of water, nutritious diet, and eight hours of sleep every day at night should definitely help your body to recover from exhaustion and tiredness.

What does heat exhaustion result from?

Heat exhaustion is caused by exposure to high heat and humidity for many hours, resulting in excessive loss of fluids and salts through heavy perspiration.