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After you are done with college and married...

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Q: How long should you wait before getting your cherry popped?
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Do you need to see a doctor after the cherry is popped?

I think you should you never know if that guy has something

If your bf popped your cherry all the way through does your period delay?

Your period should not usually delay unless you are pregnant.

How do get the cherry bomb to the cage on spy island?

well there should be flowers in the evil lair and when you step on them you should be popped up to the next floor. Therefore, take the cherry bomb and push it on the flowers one by one till you get to the female spy.

Are girls scared when their cherry gets popped?

O.K...First off crazy question, lets not say cherry popped, lets say having intercourse for the first time and see blood....and I don't think you should be scared, I mean it hurts it will be your first time but if you are ready for sex then go for

Is skin supposed to still be there after cherry is popped?

Well it depends skin may have been damaged in sex for a girl if ur a guy than yes ur skin should be there

What happen with girl at the first time of sex relation?

Some women experience pain their first time and may even bleed.The phrase "pop the cherry" refers to a female having sex for the first time and her hymen (the skin covering the opening to the vagina) breaking and perhaps bleeding.Partners having sex for the first time should take it slow and use plenty of lubrication to reduce friction and pain. As always, use protection.

How severe is cherry eye in English Bulldogs?

Its not very serious. It can be corrected by a simple surgery. However you should understand that if you are planning to breed the bulldog, the pups are prone to getting cherry eye as well.

Before getting a divorce, couples should attend marriage counseling to work on their problems.?

Before getting a divorce, couples should attend marriage counseling to work on their problems.

Should you leave your hair dirty before getting your hair dyed?

No u should always wash it before and after:d

How do you get a popped cherry?

You would have sex. A "popped cherry" is slang for tearing a woman's hymen and losing virginity. So if you have sex for the first time, then you lose your virginity, and usually tear the hymen.

Should you know how to swim before getting a mermaid tail?


Should you try getting pregnant before or after your period?

no but if you do your baby can die