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Everyday! Vitamin C has been found to lower levels of lead in the blood, boost the immune system, and it even helps to fight cancer! It is an essential nutrient and is easily depleted by smoking, drinking etc. Every "free radical" in the body uses up one vitamin c molecule...that's a lot considering all of the pollution and toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis (polluted air, water, food, drugs..) Eat tons of citrus, green tea, and take a supplement, eat organic and you will thrive!

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Q: How long should one take vitamin c?
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Should i take woman's one a day vitamin if on plavix?

Should I take woman's one a day vitamin while taking plavix

What is the main reason behind taking one source vitamins?

The main reason one should take a one source vitamin is because everyone has specific needs and requirements for their body. If someone is short on vitamin C then it is best to take a supplement which can help with a vitamin C deficiency.

Why should you take Vitamin B 4?

Adenine is the v4 it is produced by the body, no longer considered a vitamin and it is not part of the list. At one time it was, and the scientists discovered it is part of the metabolism of humans.

Can you take vitamin b and vitamin c together?

Yes, they are perfectly safe to take with one another in reasonable dosages.

How much vitamin E can you take at one time?

this should be discussed with a doctor; Vitamin E affects the blood clotting mechanisms and can be dangerous if too much is taken...e.g., for anyone having surgery.

How much vitamin K should you take if you are low?

Ask your doctor. less vitamin k can be a minor or major problem. depends on how severe one's condition is. consult a doctor or nutritionist and follow a healthy diet. :)

How many vitamins should a mother take while pregnant?

Prenatal vitamins are the best. Ask your doctor. Don't take vitamins which are not specifically for pregnant women as some (like vitamin A) can cause problems. With vitamins more is not better.

How much and how often should one take black cherry concentrate to relieve the symptoms of gout?

Cherry is mainly a source of vitamin C. One tablet a day is enough for adults

Can you mix vitamins up when you take them?

Unless you have a specific problem, a One-A-Day vitamin plus a good diet should be all you need. If you feel you have problem areas, you should consult your doctor for the best program you should be on.

Why should you avoid consuming excess vitamin E when taking the medication?

It depends on which medication. One should avoid consuming excess vitamin E when taking the medication that is used for thinning blood. Too much consumption of Vitamin E is dangerous and you should consult a doctor before taking Vitamin E supplements.

Can you take more than one vitamin?

you shouldnot take more than one vitamin a day because most vitamins contain iron which is very dangerous if overdosed and can result in death

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It should only take a few days.