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Bout 2 months realistically! Did with my op!

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Q: How long is recovery after having appendix removed?
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Can you die from having your appendix removed?

No, you cannot die from having your appendix removed as long as the surgery follows proper procedure, involves no complications, is timely and precedes proper post-operative care. The appendix holds non-vital status with the tonsils as parts that the body does not need for proper functioning and survival. Its removal must be a procedure in the hands of a capable surgical staff and of competent post-operative caregivers.

How long can you live if you have appendicitis?

Once you get your appendix removed, you have normal life expectancy.

How long do you have to wait to do exercise after having your appendix removed. Not strenuous just a gentle jog.?

The normal wait time after an appendectomy before exercise is one to two weeks.

How long should you stay home after having your appendix out?

About a week

How do you treat apendicitis?

you get appendicitis when there is an infection in your appendix. you can cure it by getting your appendix removed. it can save your life. i had appendicitis and if you have the infection too long you could die. i was going to but then i got surgery just in time by: destiny lee

Does not having your appendix make you die at a younger age?

I do not think there has been any scientific study done on the effects of a life span after losing an appendix. Though they have done studies showing that your appendix is no longer needed, so getting it removed has no bad side effects. The only way you not having your appendix affecting your life would be if it bursts and u don't get it taken care of. A ruptured appendix can kill you if not taken care of usually rather immediate. So as of right now not having an appendix will neither kill you quicker or prolong your life. you die when it is your time and by w/e means it happens. Not having an appendix or having one wouldn't really matter if u get hit by a car tomorrow. So rest assured that you will live as long as u will live with or without your appendix.

Is your appendix big or small?

I've had mine removed, and the scar is bearly an inch long , so its pretty small !

You are a basketball player how long do you have to wait before playing againappendix was removed last Thursday night?

i am a basketball player how long do i have to wait before playing again,had appendix removed last Thursday night

Can you be in the military after having surgery?

yes as long as you make a full recovery

How long should the pain last after having your appendix out?

it varies but between 5 days and 20 days.

Does a Koala have an appendix?

Yes, they have an appendix. Also, said appendix is about two meters long.

How long before you can go in the sea after having your wisdoms removed?

You can go a long 44 hours