How long is a sonic chao year?

Updated: 9/13/2023
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an hour

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Q: How long is a sonic chao year?
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How do you get a sonic chao in sonic advance 3?

You can't get sonic chao in chao garden. but if your parnter is cream. you can make cheese transfom to sonic chao. easy. eh?

How do you get a Sonic chao in sonic DX dirctors cut?

keep giving a chao green kangaroos. NOTHING ELSE. It takes a long time.

How long is a chao day in Sonic Adventure 2?

A year for a chao is 2-5 hours spent in the garden. Dividing that by 365 and multiplying by 3600 gets you the length of a chao's day in seconds.So a chao's day is about 20-50 seconds.

How long does it take for a chao in sonic adventure 2 battle to reincarnate?

Your chao needs to be 5 years old to reincarnate you must wait in the chao garden at least an hour or more for it to turn a year old.

Is there a chao garden in Sonic Heroes?

No, there is no chao garden in sonic heroes

In sonic adventure battle 2 If you want to make a sonic chao can you give it a chao fruit?

In Sonic Adventure 2 battle a chao that looks like sonic would be neutral/running/running you could give it chao fruit just as long as the skill with the highest level is running for both evolutionary cycles.

What is the name of the heaven chao in sonic?

The name of the heaven chao in sonic is Rhgurh. Rhgurh is the guardian of heaven chao in the game Sonic the Hedgehog.

Can you make a hero sonic chao in sadx if so how?

You can only make hero and dark chao in SAB2. Also Sonic chao are neutral so if you give your chao a lot of run animals you will get a Sonic chao.

'do Sonic chao reincarnate in Sonic adventure 2 battle?

Chao Chao can reincarnate on SA2 battle (so long as you look after them WELL). once they die, if reincarnating, the cocoon is pink, if disapearing, it will be grey. ....Meowth!

How do you move a choa from sonic dx to sonic adventure 2 battle Game Boy advance?

this is how i did it i traded my chao from sonic dx to another chao from sonic advance 2 for the GBA then i traded that same chao to my one of my chao in sonic 2 battle

In sonic adventure 2 battle dose a sonic chao get shadow hair and sonic ears?

No the chao gets sonic hair.

Is there going to be a chao garden in Sonic unleashed?

Sorry but they do not have a chao garden in Sonic Unleashed.