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About 5 billion years

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Q: How long has the sun been burning?
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How long has sun been burning for?

it has been berning since the beginning of time

How been years has the sun been burning?

About 5 billion

How many years has the Sun been burning?

About 5 billion.

How many year that sun been burning?

5 billion years

How many years have the sun been burning?

About 5 billion years

If the sun was truly burning how long will it last for?

The sun is not actually burning as in a fire on earth, Burning is a chemical reaction that releases heat. The sun is a nuclear reaction. However most scientists estimate that the sun will continue to react brightly for another five billion years or so.

Why does the sun never goes off?

The sun is our local star. It is a giant fusion engine, and it is "burning" hydrogen and fusing it into helium at an enormous rate. But as long as it has fuel to drive the fusion process that is the sun's life, it will burn fuel continuously. It has been burning for about 4.5 billion years, and it has about that much more time left.

When was The Sun Is Burning created?

The Sun Is Burning was created in 1964.

How long has the mine fire in Centralia been burning?

The mine fire in Centralia has been burning since 1962.

How long has the longest burning light bulb been burning?

Lovermore's Centennial Light is the longest burning light, 108 years in.

How long has the nuclear fuel of the sun been burning?

The Sun is estimated, based on its size and energy production, to be about 5 billion years old."The Solar System", Roman Smoluchowski, Scientific American Library, 1983, page 6

Is sun a burning star?

Well, yes, as long as you understand that "burning" doesn't mean combustion, but nuclear fusion. Actually only the core of the Sun is "burning"; all the rest of it is insulating us from its terrible heat, and doing a pretty good job of it, too.