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Q: How long does it take to reduce elevated ast and alt levels?
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Can using oxygen to breathe make you go blind?

Yes. Elevated oxygen levels for too long can make you lose your vision. That's why premature babies are often blind when they grow up. Take Stevie Wonder for example.

How do you lower Cholesterol levels?

Lifestyle modifications make sense for anyone with elevated cholesterol. But if your cardiovascular risk is high, you may also need to take a cholesterol-lowering drug.

What happens if your stressed and take part in sport?

depending on your stress levels, your performance may vary to a point where you take all frustration out on your opponents. now this is ok as long their is no physical danger of injuring your opponent(s). sport has been scientifically proven to reduce stress levels in people so it can be a good idea to play sport when stressed :)

How long does it take vinegar to pass through your body to change your pH levels?

You can't change your pH levels.

How long can you take simvastatin 40mg?

how long can i take simvastatin 40mg-i have be told that after two years the dose has to be reduce ,is this true or can i still take the dose i am taking-

How long does it take to get your testosterone level back to normal?

1.) How long did it take for the radiation levels In Hiroshima to go back to normal ?

How long does it take for elevated liver enzymes to return to normal after cessation of alcohol consumption?

It takes approximately twenty-four to forty-eight hours for elevated liver enzymes to return to normal after cessation of alcohol consumption. For smaller individuals, it can take even longer.

How long does it take for lithium levels to show in blood test?

15 minutes

How long does it take for Marijana to reach peak levels in the brain?

90 mins

How long does it take for a coral reef to be destroyed?

it depends on where it is and the pollution levels in the water.

Does vitamin b3 help cholesterol?

Yes. Vitamin B3 known as niacin helps reduce colesterol. Niacin helps to reduce the 'bad colesterol' while increase the levels of 'good colesterol'. So if you are trying to reduce it, it will help if you take more B3.

What is a natural way to eliminate darkunder eye circles?

Take a daily vitamin, reduce stress levels, and get a decent amount of sleep each night.