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You should wait at least seven to ten days to give your skin time to heal. If you have fair skin i would suggest waiting up to two weeks before getting back in a tanning bed. Also remember to use a tanning lotion with a sunblock in it to prevent skin damage and cancer

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Q: How long do you wait from tanning after getting burned?
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How long should you wait to go tanning after getting your nipples pierced?

You can go tanning right away, just keep tanning lotions out of and away from the piercings.

How long do you have to wait to go tanning after navel piercing?

It is best to wait 1 month after getting any piercing to go tanning. Tanning affects the texture of your skin and virtually dries it out. With a fresh piercing, this can be highly irritating.

How long should you wait to go tanning after having your belly button pierced?

2-3 days is how long i had to wait

How long after getting a nose piercing should you have to wait to tan?

You can tan right away, just keep tanning lotion and oil away from your new piercing.

How long should you wait to shower after tanning in the tanning bed?

20-30 minutes. Depending on if you used lotion with tingler or bronzer.

Can you go on the sunbed after having your chest waxed?

Wait 24 hours after getting waxed before tanning.

How long should you wait before tanning after getting tattoo?

You really shouldn't tan at all if you have tattoos because it will make your colors fade really quick, but if you insist, I would wait at least two weeks after getting anything done, and make sure you cover the tattoo with high spf sunblock.

How long should you wait to go swimming after getting burned on exhaust pipe?

It would be best to wait to go swimming until after the burn has healed. Your doctor will be able to best advise you of proper care of your burn.

How long should you wait to go tanning after getting your belly button pierced?

It is NOT RECOMMENDED to go tanning after any body piercing. When lying in a tanning bed, the jewelry that is in a new piercing will heat up and burn your raw pierced skin. This is not good for the healing process. I'm not sure what happens if you do, but to be on the safe side, DON'T TAN WITH A NEW PIERCING!!!!

How long do you have to wait to brush your teeth after getting fillings?

How long does one have to wait before they can eat after getting their teeth cleaned?

How long after tanning can you bath?

If you have been tanning with a basic accelerator or intensifier then you can bath immediately after tanning without hindering your tanning results. If you have been tanning with a lotion containing tingle then it is recommended you wait at least a few hours after exposure. A shower can actually increase the tingle sensation to an uncomfortable level. Finally if you are tanning with a product containing bronzers or a color guide then it is recommended that you wait about 4 hours before bathing. DHA bronzers are continuing to work and bathing can halt the process.

You get these itchy burning bubbles on your ankles and hands from tanning what are they?

These are heat blisters. Heat blisters appear before you become burned (as in touching fire, not "sunburned"). Next time, stay in the bed/booth for a shorter period of time, and use a moisturizing tanning lotion. If you use a "tingle" lotion, wait until after you have hit your tanning plateau, as it may cause blistering beforehand. In the mean time, you can treat them with regular Aloe; the kind that comes in a big bottle of green gel. It will keep the itching from bothering you too much, and hydrate your burned skin.