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7 feet

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Q: How long do fingernails grow in a lifetime?
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How do you make your fingernails grow long?

you can get fake long nails at the nail salon

How long do fingernails grow?

They technically don't ever stop growing.

How fast does you're fingernails grow?

Don't you mean, "how fast do your fingernails grow?"

How long should you put your fingernails in water to make it grow?

i don know

Wie lang wachsen Fingernägel in einem Jahr?

How long do fingernails grow in a year?

Why do boys fingernails grow faster than girls?

Trick question.! Fingernails do not grow in either;

Does money grow on fingernails?

AHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! (ROFL) I do not understand your question. It might be a saying. Money doesn't grow on fingernails.

How long does nose hair grow in a lifetime?

540 inches.

Are there cases where the toe nails grow faster than the fingernails?

My toenails definitely grow faster than my fingernails. I must be one of the unusual people in this world because everything I read sayd that fingernails grow faster. I know for a fact that my toenails grow faster, but I have no idea why. I wish my fingernails would grow as fast as my toenails! I don't think that toenails grow faster than fingernails, it's that toenails tend to be stronger so they don't break as easily. That's why it seems to some people that their toenails are growing faster than their fingernails; Fingernails are more susceptible to breakage because they are thinner.

What cell makes hair and fingernails grow?

A keratinocyte is the cell from which hair and fingernails are derived.

Do fingernails grow at different rates on the same hand?

No, fingernails do not grow at different rates on the same hand. They do however grow at different rates on the more dominate hand.

Why do toenails grow faster than fingernails?

They don't. It's actually fingernails that grow faster than toe nails.. but why.. good question..