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Q: How long can you live without a scalp?
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Can lice live in an empty apartment?

No. Lice cannot live without being in contact with the human scalp. They will die after a period of 48 hours if they have been separated from the human scalp, and thus will not live in an empty apartment, unlike cockroaches or bedbugs.

How long can head lice live without no food source?

2 weeks You should always set out stuffed animals and other items in a trash bag for 2+ weeks

Is it possible for me to live long without death?

no ________________ You can live long without death, but you can't live forever without death. Death will overtake you eventually.

How long can you live without a stomach?

You can live a long normal life without it. You just have to change how you eat

How can you make your hair grow thicker and longer for a kid?

Don't believe what you hear in the news or on tv. Good hair starts with a good scalp. Without a healthy scalp your hair will not grow long or strong.

Can headlice live not attached to the scalp?

no, they have to have blood.

How long can a person live without air?

A person can live minutes without air.

Do lice eat hair?

They live off of the blood in your scalp!They get their nutrients by sucking (or absorbing) blood.

How long can a female Betta live without being fertilized?

She can live her whole life without it.

How long an a fish live without food?

fish will live 3 days without food.

How long could you live without lungs?

You couldn't live without your lungs for even a second.

How long can elephants live without water?

Not long they die