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How long you can sue your job after a work injury varies slightly from state to state. In most states you have three years to sue for a personal injury or accident at work.

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Q: How long after can you sue you job for work injury?
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Can a person sue a company for lost wages from another job for a work comp injury?

So long as your employer pays you the WC benefit, no lawsuit against them is possible. Courts insist that WC is the "exclusive remedy" for your injury. You can sue a third party who contributed to your damages, but never the employer.

I Was hurt on A Volenteer Job Can I Get legal help?

Most injury lawyers will work for a percentage of what they win you so you wont need money to sue.

Can you sue a job for an injury because they did not show you proper procedure for your job at hand?

If you mean an EMPLOYER (you can't sue a job), then the answer is simple: If the employer allows you to receive workers comp benefits for your injury, then employer negligence is irrelevant, no suit is possible against the employer.

If your parents sue for your injury and settles when you are a child can you as an adult sue for that same injury?

It is possible

Can you sue for a minor neck injury from a car accident?

As far as I am aware as long as there is any pain and/or trauma caused no matter how insignificant then yes you can sue

What is the maxuim amount someone can sue a company for being injured on the job?

There is no real maximum. The maximum depends on the injury sustained and the severity as well as whatever guidelines are set out in a work contract or decided by a court (usually by legal precedent)

Can you sue your employer for cause of miscarriage due to under staffed heavy lifting and a fall?

If you suffer an injury at work, you get workers comp benefits and can never sue the employer for more. Never.

Are you entitled to a worker's comp settlement without suing your company to make up for lost wages and pain and suffering?

If you are injured on the job then you are entitled to workers comp regardless if you sue. You cannot sue the employer for an injury unless it is negligance. You can sue a third party though.

How long can you sue your dentist after the work is not good?

As long as you can prove that it was there fault not yours then as long after as you need

Can you sue an Indian casino for personal injury?

Why not? Whoever causes an injury should be sued.

Is a spouse entitled to any part of a personal injury settlement in a divorce?

Yes, a spouse may be entitled to a part of a personal injury settlement in a divorce. This depends on the laws in your state and how long you have been married.

Can a teacher sue a student for slander?

People can sue for three reasons: Property, money, and injury.