How is wholegrain good for you?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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Wholegrain is good for you because it contains fiber that helps to keep the bowels active and healthy. Wholegrain foods are also known to reduce Heart disease and Diabetes.

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Q: How is wholegrain good for you?
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Why is fruit good for you?

fruit and veggies have more fibre than wholegrain

What nutrients are found in wholegrain breads?

the nuts and grain in the bread is good for the brain.

What food product contains a good source of complex carbohydrates?

wholegrain breadsoatsbrown ricemuesli

Is wholegrain mustard as hot as English mustard?

Wholegrain mustard can be made to any heat desired, but commercially produced wholegrain mustard is frequently mild; English mustard is particularly hot.

Is Oatmeal wholegrain?


How do you say wholegrain sandwich in French?

A wholegrain bread sandwich is 'un sandwich au pain complet' in French.

Is wholegrain sugar or starch?


What are the main sources of nsp?

(Wholegrain) cereals • (Wholegrain) breakfast cereals • (Wholemeal) bread • (Wholemeal) pasta • Wholegrain/brown rice • Bran • Fruits/dried fruits • Vegetables • Potato skins/baked potatoes These are the main sources of NSP, i ! =D

What is healthier wholegrain rice or noodles?


Is a slice of bread a good source of energy?

White bread isn't a very nourishing source of energy, wholemeal or wholegrain are better options.

What breakfast food has carbohydrates?

bread, wholegrain cereal

What is wholegrain called in Gujarati?

aakhu dhanya(anaj)