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Sugar may contribute to mild memory loss.Sugar can cause nearsightednesses. It feeds any type of cancer,including prastrate cancer.Stop eating sugar!

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Q: How is sugar bad for your health?
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Is cinnamon bad for health?

No actually its good for you and stabilize your sugar levels.

Was Theodore Roosevelt's health good or bad and why?

Bad because he ate too many sugar cubes

What is the effect of to much sugar?

You get hyper, crazy, hard to sleep at night if you eat the sugar near your bedtime, bad teeth, bad health, you can get fat, and you can get really lazy.

How can junk food can ruin your health?

junk food has lots of sugar and other stuff that is bad for your body witch makes it bad for you

How do you cut down on sugar craving?

Eating sugar free foods and also you can buy sorbitol or saccarine to avoid bad health effects.

Can your rabbit eat sugar?

No, they shouldn't digest plain sugar. That is so bad for their health. Instead, feed your rabbit fruits and vegetables. These have natural sugar that the plant made itself!

What could be 5 bad things about your health?

cigrattes drugs wine heavy medicine and lots of sugar

Eating curd with sugar before sleeping is good or bad for health?

Eating curd before sleeping is bad for health, as it causes digestion disorder. This may in turn cause ulcerous problem. Even curd should be taken after lunch but without sugar for better result.

Is taking your tea without sugar good or bad for your health?

There is no problem with taking your tea with or without sugar, except of course for the calorie and carb load that sugar provides. There is no interaction with tea, except to sweeten it. Taking unsweetened tea is OK. Taking tea with real brown sugar (not the spun refined sugar with molasses added) is also OK. Real brown sugar have coarser crystals. Taking tea with refined white sugar is very bad, not because of the tea but because of the sugar. see link Sugar's effect on your health

Why are fizzy drinks best avoided?

can cause chronic disease contain lot of sugar and could be bad for your health

How are energy drinks bad for your health?

Extremely high levels of sugar. If your looking for an energy boost, eat a banana.

Are sugar free recipes actually better for you?

Most sugar free recipes are actually better for you than ones which calls for a lot of sugar. Eating too much sugar is bad for your health overall so it is better.