How flexible is the human body?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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Very, if you consider all the things we can do

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Q: How flexible is the human body?
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What is the purpose of the human spleen?

To make your body flexible

How can human body moves?

the human body qors with bones if u dident you would not be able to walk and u would be all flexible

What are flexible joint?

In the human body the knee is a flexible joint. The knee connects the upper part of the leg to the lower part of the leg. The knee is called a flexible joint because it's not stiff. It bends. Other flexible joints are the elbow and the knuckle.

Is the body of euglena rigid or flexible?


Why is it important for human blood cells to be small and flexible?

the human body has 62,000 miles of "human pipeline", and that pipeline obviously isn't a straight line. It curves and bends, and sometimes those "pipes" are thin and narrow. Blood cells have to be small and flexible to enable them to make their way through

Which joint is most flexible?

in our human body the most mobile joint is shoulder joint.. its is a ball and socket type of of synovial joint.

Flexible in a sentence?

Yoga helps your body to become more flexible.

What do you call a person with flexible body?

well,when the person is flexible they don't really have a name. they are just flexible.

Does a hamster have a rigid body?

It has a rigid skeleton but the body is flexible.

Do people who have a flexible body have more bones?

No, people who are more flexible do not have more bones.

Can an average human lick its own armpit?

Actually, the average human may not be as flexible to do that. Therefore, only more flexible humans can lick there own armpit. so, my answer would have to be, absolutely not!! If you can do it, that means your abnormal. YES = Abnormal Human. NO = Average Human. Try it yourself.......................

What is denser water or the human body?

i guessing-the human body