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It is not dependent on speed alone. It is mostly based off of acceleration or deceleration rate. You could be parked and hit by a large truck and the airbags could go off.

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Q: How fast would i have to be traveling upon impact for a 2005 dodge caravan airbag to deploy?
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How does a airbag deploy in a 2005 model Dodge Grand Caravan?

The computer looks at the info fromt he impact sensors, sends voltage to the ignitor in the airbags, and the airbag "explodes".

Can airbag deploy with rearend impact?

it will deploy if hit hard enough.

At what speed does an air bag deploy on a 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan Sport?

Yes, an airbag will deploy at any speed. HOWEVER, it will not deploy upon just any impact, there are sensors on the vehicle that determine the force of impact, just how hard and blunt the impact was, if it is a small minimal force, then there will be no deployment, but if there was a hard impact/force, then obviously it would deploy.

How does an airbag deploy?

An airbag depoys when a hard impact its the vehicle and the airbag automatically deploy's before the driver and passengers hit the front of the car/seat.

Will airbags deploy when the car is off?

If the car is off and no one hits you the airbag should not deploy. If you are driving and stopped at a traffic light and someone hits you, the airbag could possibly deploy depending on the impact of the accident.

What is the lowest speed for airbag deployment?

Airbag deployment can happen at any speed. It's not about the speed, but rather the impact that the car feels to deploy the bags.

What speed should airbag deploy in a volkswagen golf?

SRS (Supplimental Restraint System) aka Airbags dont have a set speed that they deploy... They deploy when jolted hard enough or have been strucked in an impact.

Kalos airbag light will not go out?

If your Kalos airbag light will not go out, it typically means that the airbag is faulty or there's a problem within the control system of the vehicle. When this occurs, the airbag may not properly deploy upon impact.

Where is the airbag sensor on a 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan?

The impact sensors are under the front bumper.

At what speed or kind of impact will cause the airbags to deploy on a 2002 dodge grand caravan sport?

That is information that the car companies will not release.

Will airbag activate if front fender removed on 1996 Toyota tacoma?

The airbag will most likely not deploy on a 1996 Toyota Tacoma is the front fender is removed. The airbag sensor is designed to detected a combination of speed and impact before deploying.

At what speed does a air bag deploy on a 95 ford explorer?

That depends on what you crash into . A solid wall with no " give " or another vehicle The force of the impact has to be great enough for the impact sensor to require the airbag to inflate