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30 days seems to be the norm. Legally they can send out a repossession after 1 day.

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Q: How far behind in payments do you have to be to get your car repossessed?
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How far behind do your car payments have to be before it can be repossessed in the state of Virginia?

In Virginia, the law states a lender must submit notice in writing at least 10 days before a car is to be repossessed. Therefore, car payments that are late can be subject to repossession at anytime, provided notice has been given.

How far behind in car payments must you be for gmac to repossess yhour car?

I think with any auto finance company you must be 90 days to 120 days delinquent on your loan before they start considering repossessing the vehicle. Beware, within that same time period, your car, truck, or etc.. will be repossessed.

Can you return a car bought on a personal loan when you were told it was on finance?

Have the car voluntarily repossessed. Using this option means that you voluntarily return the car to the finance loan company if you are too far behind on your payments and can't recover. If you decide to return the car, the finance company may pick up the vehicle or it may require that you return the car to its location.

How far behind on payments can you be before santander US can repossess your car?

Typically when it comes to car repossession, a customer has to worry about their car being taken when they have missed three payments. Sometimes repossession can be held off by just contacting the company and reassuring them they will get their money.

How far should you drive behind a car?

7 car behind

How far do you have to be behind on your payments to legally repo in Florida?

ONE day.

How far behind on a auto loan before they repo the auto?

3 payments

Can your car be repossessed by an auto repair shop if you owe for repairs?

not in the U.S. don't know about other countries It can't be repossessed as far as I know, but the mechanic can place a mechanic's lien on the car in most, if not all U.S. states.

What is the number to call for your car to be picked up because you can not make the payments?

You call the finance company who holds the contract. Depending how much you are behind, they may be willing to offer you a deferment (up to 2 months) where you can just pay the interest for 1 or 2 months to help get you caught up. Another option to a repo is to refinance the loan (again, it all depends on how far behind your are). Once a car is repossessed, it will be sold and if the sale does not cover your loan balance you will still be responsible for what is called a deficiency balance.

How do you voluntarily let your car be repossessed?

You need to give the car to the lender - if they are too far away then you need to call them and tell them where it is and ask them how they want to get it.

How far do you have to be behind on a car payment before your car is repo?

2 payment

Can your car be repossessed from your job's parking lot?

When a car is up to be repossessed, the repossessor can take it from wherever he or she finds it: your home or your driveway, job or church parking lot, friend's, relatives, shopping mall parking lot, street parking, or wherever they catch you out of the car. In most states, they cannot break into a garage but they can take the car if the garage door is up. They can take it even if you try to hide it. It's far better to call your creditor and work out paying your missed payments.