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Q: How does what others think about you affect how you think about yourself?
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What is meant by consideration of others?

You think of others before you think of yourself.

What you think yourself is more important than others think of you?


What is Cheney School's motto?

The motto of Cheney School is 'Think for yourself, Act for others'.

What is selffish?

Selfish is when you think about yourself than you do others.

How do drugs affect you?

Drugs are horrible to your body and mind. They make your mind think other than you want it to and there is no control over your body. It can make you harm yourself and others.

Do you prefer to work by yourself or with others?

I think that it depends on what you are doing if you are doing something hard I would do it with others but if it is easy for you you should do it by yourself

What is the best thing to sell?

think yourself dont ask others

Why should you think about others?

Thinking about others is what is important in life because it would not be fun to think about yourself all the time so why have not think about others especially if it is to do some good in this world we are living in.

What are reasons you get picked for Mindless Behavior?

for being mindless and confident in yourself and not care what others think about you and just be yourself

How do you know your good looking?

When you can be completely confident in yourself and not care what others think about you.

Is it unchristian to think for yourself?

Generally speaking it is, Christians are taught to think of others needs before their own. There are situations though when you should really look out for yourself.

How does what you wear affect others behavior towards you?

If you were less clothing you expose more of yourself therefore changing the behavior of others and the attention of the opposite sex