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It gives heat to the earth and makes it the right temperature for us, or else it would be so cold we would die.

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Q: How does sunlight support your life?
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What are living things that support life on earth?

Water, oxygen, sunlight

Which is not an abiotic factor that affects an ecosystem capacity to support life?


What determines the type of life a biomes can support?

What determines the type of life a biome can support is the amount of sunlight, the temperature, and soil. All of these factors decide what type of life is in a biome.

Does mars have enough sunlight to live on?

There is enough sunlight on Mars to support photosynthesis, but factors other than sunlight make it inhospitable. Mars is too cold to live on outside of a heated shelter and the atmosphere is too thin to support any sort of Earthly life.

What are some of the hazards of antarctica?

Cold, wind, lack of sunlight and humidity, the challenge of overall survival, based on its remote location and inability to support life.

How sunlight supports life?

That are two ways of supports life in sunlight ask your mama LIOL

How does the sun help support life on earth?

All life on Earth relies on energy to survive. With the exception of some life forms that survive on chemical energy created by the heat from the core of the planet, all the energy life uses comes form the Sun.Plants capture sunlight in a process called "photosynthesis" and make food (sugars) with it. Plants are then eaten by animals - this is called the food chain. The energy in this food chain is in the main sunlight and this is how the Sun supports (it does not help support it is the basis of) life on Earth.

Is there life that requires no sunlight?


What can you do if there is no sunlight?

if there was no sunlight life on earth would not survive for very long.

Can you get sunlight in the ocean?

yes sunlight can get in the ocean without sunlight many marine life would not exist

How there can be life in places with little precipitation or sunlight and how does it affect that life?


What are the four ocean zones that can support plankton growth?

The sunlight zone