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I am quoting this from "How_can_alcohol_affect_the_skeletal_system"

"Alcoholism weakens the skeletal system by reducing the ability of the body to absorb and use calcium to keep the bones strong."


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Q: How does alcohol effect the skeletal system?
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What body system does Bursitis effect?

The Skeletal System.

How alcohol effect your bones?

Alcohol affects the entire body by preventing the absorption of nutrients from the digestive system, even if supplements are taken. This is aggravated by alcohol's diuretic effect, which tends to leach minerals and other nutrients out of the body. The common effect, with relation to the skeletal system, is osteoporosis due to lack of calcium and the vitamins necessary to use it.

Does gout effect the skeletal system?


Describe a long term effect of exercise on the skeletal system?

Regular exercise can make the bones in the skeletal system stronger.

What bodie systems will this tuberculosis effect?

respiratory system circulatory system skeletal system

What does the sprain effect in the body system?

Skeletal system, because sprains involve over-stretching of skeletal connective tissues around joints.

How do steroids effect skeletal system?

Steroids do not have significant affects on the skeletal system. However, they do have significant affects on muscles, hormones, and psychological functioning.

How do steroids effect muscular system and skeletal system in men?

you get small balls when you use them :)

What does alcohol effect in your body?

alcohol effects your immune system and your liver.

What diseases can effect the skeletal system?

Osteoporosis, scoliosis, arthritis, and bone cancer.

What does the skeletal system have to do with the movement of the body?

Our muscles pull on our bones to effect movement.

How does alcohol effect the circulatory system?