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In some states, your rates change if you move to another municipality within the state. The car insurance rates in Boston are more than in a small hill town such as Plainfield, Massachusetts. You should call an insurance agency for an accurate answer in your region.

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Q: How does a change of address affect your car insurance?
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How do you change the registration address on the car insurance policy?

Contact your insurance company and supply them with your current address. That address should match your car registration as well as your driver's license.

Does the color of a car affect the cost of insurance?

No, the color of a car does not affect the cost of insurance.

Do parking tickets affect your car insurance?

No, parking tickets do NOT affect your car insurance rate.

Will a road toll violation affect my car insurance?

Generally not. Most companies do not change your insurance rate for non-driving violations.

Does a registration ticket affect insurance?

No, a registration ticket does not affect your car insurance. Registration tickets, simple traffic violations, and wrong way turn tickets do not typically affect your standing with your car insurance.

Do subwoofers affect car insurance?

not in the least.

Will filing bankruptcy affect your car insurance?

I have file for Chapter 7 twice and it has had no effect on my car insurance.

Can you get car insurance without a permanent address?

Simple answer. No.

Does color of the car affect the cost of insurance?


Does a chemical test refussal affect car insurance?

This can affect car insurance if they believe you are drinking or using drugs and driving. However, most of the time it won't go up.

Can I use someone elses address for car insurance?

That is fraud!

Will a speeding ticket in Georgia affect your license in Alabama?

== == NO, but it WILL affect your car insurance costs.