How does a Grease distributor block work?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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Q: How does a Grease distributor block work?
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Can a distributor from a 1992 Chevy c-1500 350 engine work on a 1969 396 Chevy?

No the distributor gear that is on the end of the distributor is to small for the big block cam shaft.

Are small block and big block distributor caps the same for HEI caps?

Actually the complete distributor will fit from the small block to the big block.

Where is oil pressure switch on 1995 dodge ram?

Back of the block, next to the distributor.Back of the block, next to the distributor.

Can you use vaseline to grease the distributor sockets to make it easier to put wires on sockets?

No. Use dielectric (silicon) grease.

Can a Chevy 350 distributor fit in Chevy 305?

Yes it will fit. This distributor will fit all small block and big block Chevrolet engines.

How do you install an engine block heater on a 1990 Honda Accord EX?

I had to replace my block heater on my 89 Accord and the plug/location for the heater is in behind the distributor. I had to remove the distributor from the engine block and then removed the old block heater. It is an easy do it yourself job but you have to be carefull to reinstall the distributor exactly the same way it came out. .

Which way does the distributor rotate on a small block Chevy?

The distributor can be turned both ways. The rotor however, which I suspect you are asking about, turns clockwise on a small block V8.

Can you put an HEI ignition out of a 454 into a 350?

No you cannot. Big block parts are all different then small block parts. The distributor cap WILL WORK. That answer is incorrect. Big Block and small block Chevrolet distributors physically interchange with no problem (unless it's a tall deck block like a 502)

Will 307 distributor fit 350 small block?

Yes it will.

Will a 305 Chevy distributor fit a 350 block?


What is distributor rotation for Chevy 366 big block?


Which way does the big block Chevy distributor rotate?