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Had he given in to Cassius's much more realpolitik suggestions, they would have bumped off Antony at the same time as Caesar and have consolidated their positions in Rome. But if Brutus had been that kind of a guy, Cassius would not have recruited him as an ally in the first place.

If idealism is a "tragic flaw" in Brutus, then isn't it also a "tragic flaw" in Jesus? If he had only co-operated with the Sanhedrin and the Romans he wouldn't have been crucified, right? But I think Jesus would have said that his ideals were more important than not getting killed, and I think Brutus (at least in the way Shakespeare portrayed him) would have said the same.

Curiously, Dante portrays Brutus as a villain because he betrayed his friend and benefactor. Would treachery make more sense as a tragic flaw?

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Q: How does Brutus tragic flaw of idealism contribute to his downfall?
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What are brutus's tragic flaws?

idealism- he trusts too much

What were brutus's tragic flaws?

1) Idealism 2) Perfectionism 3) maybe naivety 4) poor judgment 5) his honour 6) thrust 7) gullibility

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How are the deaths of Brutus and Cassius alike and different in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar?

They both commited suicide due to realizing that they were losing the battle against Antony and Octavius at Phillipi. They are different because Cassius didn't neede to beg anyone to kill him his slave Pindarus had no trouble killing Cassius because it meant he was free from his rule and Cassius wouldn't be missed by most where as Brutus had to beg his soldiers to kill him because Brutus was an honorable man and prior to the speech of Antony at Caesar's funeral, was beloved by by the Romans.eventually the slave named Clitus allowed Brutus to run upon his sword.

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