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Left click your character icon ingame and click Character page.

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Q: How do you view your own character page on adventure quest worlds?
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How do you you get guardian class in adventure quest worlds?

if you have a guardian account on the normal adventure quest you can verify it on to aq worlds just go onto the main page and go on verify guardian

What armor can you get on adventure quest worlds?

There are hundreds of armors on aqworlds. A full list is available on the wiki. It can be accessed by viewing your character page and clicking the name of any item listed there.

How do you get the items for the daily quests in adventure quest worlds?

Various monsters will give you the quest items. The AQworlds wiki can be accessed from clicking an item on any players character page, and can easily supply more detailed information.

Where is zorbak at adventure quest worlds?

to find zorbak start from the defualt page and go to battleon town square go right to trainers but don't go in and zorbak should be on a tree stump out side

Do play celebrities adventure quests worlds?

There's One-Eyed-Doll, George Lowe, Ayi Jihu, and Voltaire. Voltaire's Character Page:

How do you change password on adventure quest worlds?

go to the main page of aqw click manage account to the right of the page under the heading ACCOUNT type in your account user name and your current password. once your in looks to the right of your page click change password under the heading manage account

In adventure quest worlds you get a message saying loading map files failed what should you do?

AnswerEither refresh page and log in again. If that didn't work you could exit out of the browser and go to the website again. Or restart your computer/laptop.

How do you search members of Adventure Quest Worlds?

It is simple find a character page, highlight the end of the URL (only the name) and delete it then type in the name!Here is a list of absolute finds: Artix Rolith Nythera ECT. Remember to type it right!

Where do you buy ac on adventure quest?

It should say at the front page / or game cards by going on the

How do you talk in adventure quest worlds?

You verify your account. they should've emailed you about verification if you didnt goto manage account from the main page and then re-send it. you goto a free chat server then press enter or click the small bar and type stuff there

Where is the fourth page of the Christmas book in adventure quest?

Kill Santy Claws at Northlandlight. Type /join northlandlight

How do you unhack an account in adventure quests worlds?

I suggest you refer to the AQWorlds Help and Support page located at the AQWorlds homepage.