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No you cant.

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Q: How do you transfert items from account to another in aqworlds?
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What is an Aqworlds member account?

It is an account that unlocks much more pets, weapons, cool stuff, rare items, AC, etc than a normal account.

Can you change member items to non-member items in AQworlds?


In AQWorlds do dracoinans drop items?

kill them!

How do you get 20000 golds in aqworlds?

You can get 20,000 gold in AQWorlds, by killing monsters, selling items and doing quests.

How do you get items by drop in aqworlds?

to get items by drop you have to just battle monsters till you get the drop

What are AQWorlds codes?

codes that unlock special items in the game

Why did you lose your items on adventure quest worlds?

You can't lose your items in AQWorlds, except if you drop them.

How do you find the shoeing tacks in AQworlds?

you shall kill 16 items you shall kill 16 items

How do you sell house items on AQWorlds?

take them out of your house, go to the house shop thing, and sell items.

Does greenguard dragon drop items?

Probably. Check the AQworlds wiki.

How do you move your miniplanet items to another account?

You cant unless you have someone you trust to transfer it to that account Hope this was useful

Can you put items from one Club Penguin account to another?

No, you cannot mail clothing or other items from one account to another. This feature is not alivable on Club Penguin. But it is a good idea, try emailing Club Penguin and see what they say.