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Q: How do you take steam bath at home?
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Can steam bath be followed by sauna bath How frequently can sauna or steam bath be taken per week What is the sequence and instructions for sauna and steam?

Yes, you can take a steam bath and a sauna bath in the same session, especially if you take some time and cool down between them. Many find that the health benefits of a sauna or steam bath can be maximized if you use them at least 2 times per week. You can take a sauna or steam bath every day if you wish.

Where can someone purchase a steam bath generator?

Steam bath generators can be purchased at retailers such as Home Depot, Lowe's, Plumbingsupply, Overstock or Amazon. There are different kinds of generators as well, which one should take into consideration upon purchasing.

Can one take steam bath after swimming?


Can one take steam bath daily?

Yes....ofcourse....go for it

Looking to install a steam bath at the summer home.?

I do not have experience doing this, but i can direct you to a website that shows you how. Follow the following link to find out how to do this

Is it necessary to take daily steam bath?

Not 'necessary' - but it's certainly good for the skin. A steam bath opens the skin's pores, to allow dirt, grease etc to escape and be washed away.

What is a sauna bath?

Its one kind of steam bath. A man/ woman seats in a bath room where steam comes from different shower point. The steam soften the screen.

How many time take sauna bath and steam bath in one month?

three times aweek is sufficient in one week

How does water change state inside your house?

take a hot bath then water turns to steam

How did Indians take a bath?

mud actully they stripped down in sat in a steam room and sweated

What are examples of water condensing?

when we take a bath the mirror has on it some gas, the steam on the sauna, and maybe fire

What are 3 examples of condensation?

when we take a bath the mirror has on it some gas, the steam on the sauna, and maybe fire