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Q: How do you take off the front door to a frigidaire front load washer?
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What's the difference between a front load washer and a normal washer?

The difference between a front load washer and regular washer is that a front load washer has a door in front were clothes are loaded and that is also where washer settings are located. The regular washer is usually a top load where clothes are loaded on top of the washer.

Why my front load frigidaire affinity is not doing a final spin?

Why my front load frigidaire is not doing a final spin

Why does your Frigidaire top load washing machine make a load noise on the spin cycle?

my frigidaire top load washer makes loud noise in the spin cycle

What is the difference between a regular washer and a front load washer?

Front-load simply means that the washing machine door is on the front face of the washing machine, rather than a lid that lifts from the of the washing machine (top load). One would 'load' the clothes into the washer through the open front, hence the name front-load.

Front Load Washer?

form_title= Front Load Washer form_header= Purchase a front load washer for your home. Do you want a HE washer?*= () Yes () No What is your budget for the washer?*= _ [50] Please describe your desired settings.*= _ [50]

What is the difference between a front loader and a top loader washer?

The difference between a front loader and a top loader washer is that one has a door on the barrel. This type of washer can be seen in most laundromats that handle large loads of clothes This is general an easier washer for people with mobility issues and it uses less water. The door opens like a front door to a house or a car door. The top load washer has its door on the top of the washer and clothes are put down into the opening. The top load washer can be more difficult for people with mobility issues. This type of machine usually uses more water.

Does the washing machine door go on the right or left?

The Washing machine door assembles on the right side of a front load washer.

How much does it cost to repair my front load washer door?

The cost to repair your washer door would be highly dependent on the type of problem and brand of washer. A call to the manufacturer or visit to their website should give you the steps to take to determine the cost of the repair.

Does bestbuy sell front load washers?

Yes. They have and LG front-load washer, although I needed to type in best buy after front-load washer to be able to find out whether or not Best Buy sold them.

What front load washer has the largest capacity?

According to, the Electrolux EWFLS70JIW 27 5.1 cu. Ft. Front-Load Washer - Island White, is the largest capacity front-load washer currently available. This particular washer features a 5.1 cubic feet capacity. This is large enough to handle a king-sized comforter.

Frigidaire Appliance Features?

Any Frigidaire appliance that you purchase will serve you well. This is because Frigidaire is one of the best-established appliance manufacturers today. They are noted for their innovative, energy saving appliances. Frigidaire appliances are high quality and reflect a great deal of style. Frigidaire products are designed with lifestyle in mind. They carry a full line of French-door refrigerators, top mount and side-by-side refrigerators. For large families and people with bulk freezing needs, they have a full selection of upright freezers. Another much-used Frigidaire appliance is the combination range/microwave unit, complete with vent fan. These can be purchased separately, but Frigidaire offers some deep discounts when these three products are purchased together as a unit. The dish washer in the family will be happy to learn that Frigidaire's Energy Star dishwasher is a Frigidaire appliance that really delivers, with five wash cycles, an energy-saver cycle, movable racks and Ultra Quiet III Sound Package. This one is the "starter" Frigidaire dishwasher, and each dishwasher after that has more space-saving and convenience features. Another amazing Frigidaire appliance is the Affinity Front Load Washer that comes in white, silver, red and blue. A big feature on this washer is the ready-steam features that come standard. This dynamo has a 3.81 cubic-foot capacity and front console controls. This is nice because you don't have to reach to the area adjacent to the back of the washer to set your water temperature. Your controls are on the front where you can see them. The Affinity Front Load Gas Dryer is front loading also and comes in the same colors as the washer. It has an energy-saver option, ready-steam and a 50 RPM tumble speed. It also has an option for preventing static, one for wrinkle release, and a sanitizing temperature setting. No matter which Frigidaire appliance you are interested in purchasing now or in the future, your best bet is to stroll through the showrooms of a couple of your local Frigidaire dealers. They will be able to answer your questions and help you decide which Frigidaire appliance model is right for you and your family's needs.

Front load washer runs when not turned on and door is open causing flooding in laundry room?

Not up to your neck in water, but it would cause a little wetness.