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Q: How do you stop spliting fingernails?
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How do you get nicotine off fingernails?

stop smoking

How to stop bitting your fingernails?

The best way to stop biting your fingernails is to put a sour or hot tasting substance on the nail to deter you from putting them into your mouth.

Do your fingernails stop growing?

Basically, when you're dead.

How long do fingernails grow?

They technically don't ever stop growing.

What two things never stop growing on a human?

Hair and nails are the two things on a human that never stop growing, although they do eventually reach a point where they stop growing longer.

What does 'stop biting your nails you just have to get this monkey off your back' mean?

It means to stop biting your fingernails. "Monkey on your back" is a slang term for any addiction or very bad habit. They are telling you you must get over your bad habit and stop biting your fingernails.

How do you get the answer for division?

By spliting

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Whats makes your fingernails grow back?

i think vitamins and oils help.they help to stop them from breaking,so they should help to grow back. and oils keep your fingernails moisturized. it seems reasonable to me.

Is the kings of leon spliting up?

No they're not

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Hell no!