How do you sleep well in night?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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first of all forget all ur tension when going to worries and no tensions should go wid u on ur bed.

second,take a bath,drink hot milk,sprinkle cold water in summers on ur face and then go to sleep.

but before that pray to God.

these all are the best to make u sleep.even still have a head massage with oil.

i hope i helped.have a good sleep.

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Q: How do you sleep well in night?
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Children need a Goodnight and struggle-free sleep schedule. When they sleep well in this stage, they will be calm and won't stress over other things. In order to sleep well, you must find a toddler sleep consultant and eventually when they grow up to school going child, they can have a good rest schedule. So Sleep Well Preschooler! You can get a Good night sleep consultant UAE by contacting " www . kingofsleep . net / "