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Q: How do you rub your clit good?
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How do you make your clit feel good?

just rub and rub violently! Use your finger to rub and rub! rub and rub! do it, now!

How can you get a good feeling from your breasts?

rub up down plus touch your clit

How does it feel to rub your clit?


How do you give a woman a good organism?

rub her clit in a circular motion use a motored toothbrush on her clit use those shower heads can come off the wall and change it to the hardest one and spray it on her clit.

How do you wet a girl?

Sexually intrigue her

How can you sex ourself?

its called mastrabuting men: rub your cock women: rub your clit

How do you get finger?

You stroke and rub the vagina and especially the clit and labia.

How do you rub a clit?

Lol.. Little man in the sailboat my friend

How do girls mastarbuts?

they rub there clit and finger there self until they have a orgasm

How do you please women in bed?

rub her clit proper hard and make her orgy.

How do you please a women in bed?

rub her clit proper hard and make her orgy.

What does a girl likes in participating in sex?

Rub her clit while f*cking her or if she is turned around rub the anus, this one depends on the girl.