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just reboot your phone. Hold the off and middle button until everything turns off, if you keep holing it the screen will turn back on and then you let go. Hopefully that will work. It always works for me. The app might disappear, so download it again.

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Q: How do you reset an app i was trying to download Virtual Families but all it will show me is waiting...?
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How do you make twins on virtual families?

you need to keep trying, the game will chose twins automatically.

What are some cheats for the Kindle Fire app Virtual families 2?

A few cheats to try in Virtual Families 2 for the Kindle Fire include trying for a baby at night, rather than during the day, choose a person who is a carpenter to gain free rooms, and when trying for twins or triplets, the mother must be 55 and the father, 54

How do the people get here sleep on virtual families lite?

You know to be honest I really don't know. I'm trying to figure it out RIGHT NOW

How do you know the woman is pregnant on virtual families?

As soon as they finish trying to make a baby it if successful it would say congrats you made a baby if it doesn't do that then she isn't pregnant

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How do you win the lottery in virtual families?

Go to to download virtual families full version free!!!!!! it realy works (No Virus)

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Virtual families how to have babies?

You drag either the male onto the female or the female onto the male. Once this is done, their action will be 'embracing' or 'trying to make a baby'. If it says trying to make a baby, you can leave them and let them try to have a baby. if it says 'embracing', you can keep dragging them onto each other until it says 'trying to make a baby'.

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Can you still have kids in virtual families even if it says not really?

Yes, just put them on top of each other in their room a few times and it will say trying to make baby the chances are higher to have more kids if they are both would be nice or definitely

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