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remove tail shaft plate nut, pull shifters out from inside the car, then undo the bolts and it should come off easily enough.

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Q: How do you remove transfer case from Mazda bravo gearbox?
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How do you release the back of seat Mazda bravo to attach child restraint?

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Where do you find the fuel pump in a Mazda bravo?

It's inside the gas tank

Where are the sensors located on a Fiat bravo?

On a MK1 Bravo it is on the indicator stalk assembly. You need to remove the surround (3 screws on the underside) and remove the steering wheel

Where is the fuel pump located in a Mazda bravo B2600 2001?

Mounted on top and inside the fuel tank.

Where is the speedometer fuse for a T reg fiat bravo?

i dont think it`s a problem with your fuse, it more than likely needs the speedo sensor(mounted on the gearbox) replacing, cost is about

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It should be located on the left side of the engine (looking at the headlights), beside the exaust manifold.

What should the intake and exhaust valve clearances be set to on a Mazda B2500 diesel?

If you have ever looked at a Mazda bravo (b2500) you would know that it is not listed in the owners manual or placard under the hood, In fact I cant find it anywhere, By way of trial and error I have found the best clearances would be .008 in and .010ex , Ive had my bravo for a couple of years and cant fault it.AnswerThis information will be listed in your owner's manual and on a placard under the hood.

Where is the flasher unit on 2004 Mazda bravo?

up under dash on fender side, just above plastic cover which will be need to be removed - original unit is white and is mounted to body work

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