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You can read Braille wiith your fingertips. It is a method of reading using touch instead of eyesight. It's mainly used by people with impaired vision, but people who can see can also learn to read Braille. A Braille cell has 1 to 6 raised dots. You can read by feeling these dots, along with the empty spaces.
You lightly run your fingertips over the patterned dots.

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Q: How do you read the Braille alphabet?
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Why did Louis Braille invent his alphabet?

Braille invented the raised dot alphabet to give blind people the ability to read by touch.

What is the alphabet code for the desert ruins in Pokemon emerald?

The alphabet code use in the Desert ruins in Pokemon Emerald is Braille. Braille is a alphabet system printed in raised bumps for the blind to read. Braille is easy to translate when using a Braille alphabet sheet.

How do you read the Braille messages in Pokemon emerald?

There are lots of braille messages to be found in Pokemon Emerald. To read them, you can simply look up the braille alphabet.

Why was the braille alphabet invented?

braille alphebet was invented for blind people to touch and read everything

How do you read the braille in ancient ruins?

You can find things written in Braille in the ancient ruins in the Pokemon games. To read it, you can simply look up the Braille alphabet.

Pokemon emerald how to read doted language?

The dotted language in Pokemon Emerald is Braille. Braille is an alphabet of raised bumps or dots than can be read by the blind via touch. The Braille can be easily translated using a printed Braille Alphabet sheet as it perfectly translates into English.

Who created the braille language?

Louis Braille created the braille alphabet (there is no such thing as "braille language"). The objective of creating such a language was to enable the blind to read and write.

Where is the item that lets you read braille in Pokemon emerald?

There is no item that lets you read Braille in Pokémon Emerald. Braille is a real alphabet system that you can easily translate.

What is the system of raised printing that enables blind people to read?

The braille alphabet

What alphabet allows blind people to read?

The Braille alphabet. The blind are able to feel the bumps for each letter.

What is Braille?

It's an alphabet of raised dots that lets a blind person read by touch.

How do you read the braille in the secret chambers in sapphire?

A person can read the braille in the Secret Chambers in Pokemon Sapphire by translating the braille to the corresponding letters of the alphabet. A person will be required to dig to reach the appropriate area of the chamber.

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