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Hold your gas pedal all the way to the floor while trying to start the vehicle.

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Q: How do you put the PCM into clear Flood mode?
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How do you put your e 150 in learn mode?

There is no special setting for this. A PCM is always in learn mode. If you clear the settings by unhooking the battery for a minute, it will relearn everything over the next 50-100 miles or so.

How do you set 2005 dodge neon pcm off limp mode?

You have to repair the malfunction that is setting the code that has put the computer in limp mode.

I put a new pcm in my 02 cavilier and it will not start When you put the stock pcm back in the car starts How do you get the car to start with the new pcm?

find a parts house or dealer that can flash the new PCM, you will need the Vin.# year make and modle.

What to do for a flooded fuel injection car?

you cant flood a fuel injected car unless you have bad/no spark, in which case, you have bigger problems. put your foot all the way to the floor on the accelerator, most post 95 cars have a clear flood mode where the injectors won't fire when full throttle is active on startup, then crank away for a little bit, if the car happens o start, immediately take your foot off of the gas pedal

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How can you test the PCM on a 2000 Dodge Neon?

There's only one way. Put a known good PCM in and see if it works better.

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