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u cant

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Q: How do you play Fantage without flash?
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Can you log in and play fantage on a iPad?

No, the website needs Adobe Flash, which is not supported on the iPad.

How do you get stars on fantage without cheating?

Play games :DD

How do you play Moshi Monsters without flash?

You can not play Moshi Monsters unless you have Flash Player installed on your device.

How do you play Happy Wheels without flash player?

How do you play happy wheels about flash

How do you get to a game on Fantage?

You click on a game anywhere at Fantage and you click play and you will play it.

Does Taylor Lautner play fantage?

im srry but he doesnt play fantage

How do you play mosh I monsters without flash?

You can't

Can you play poptropica without flash?

click ert

Why is Fantage not letting you play?

if fantage is not letting you play is becaus eur a erupoen but now u can play

Are there any game site that has fantage?

Yes. has Fanatge play on the website. You can log on to your account and play on Fantage, it also has some Fantage games on there even if you do not have a Fantage account.

How do you play moviestarplanet without adobe flash player?

There is no way because movie star planet requires flash player in order for you to see the graphics they have displayed.

How do you get free gems on fantage without playing games or buying ecoins?

you can't you have to play games or buy them