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The password is HFqALaRdQG trust me it works, it really does.

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Q: How do you pass mayor Hopkins riddle in my sims agents?
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How do you get the other half of the stone artifact in MySims agents?

Mayor Hopkins will call your office in a few days so, you have to help out local towns people! When Hopkins call yo have to talk to Chaz, and you have to play the game Kite Surfing. When you pass the game you will go to the maze, solve it and when you pass the maze, you have to solve a puzzle!! P.S the trick to solving the puzzle in the cave, you have to go to the cheat rite down on paper! [well, at least that's how i did it!]

What does this riddle mean PAS?

incompleted pass

What is the Riddle transfer 2 portal pass code?


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What is the answer to this riddle once in you are out once out you are in from one place to another through me you may pass?


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Can you return to places such as the ski resort after you beat the game on Mysims Agents Wii?

No,after you pass the game you can only go to the credits.

How do you pass the part when your tobor in mysims agents?

Look for three boxes inside the area then open them then find a hatch then your done.

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That dude is in charge of making sureee that the city is running smoothly and they also help pass laws and stuff for your city