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After the operation, eat cold foods (which reduce the swelling), such as popsicles and ice cream.

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Q: How do you overcome tonsil operation?
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What are the three sets of tonsils?

pharyngeal tonsil, palatine tonsil, lingual tonsil

What is the plural for tonsil?

Tonsils is the plural of tonsil

What is the antonym of tonsil?

"Tonsil" is a thing and therefor has no antonym.

What is the medical terminology Combining form meaning tonsil?


What are synonyms of tonsil that DOES NOT have tonsil in it's name?

Interestingly enough, there is no synonym for the word 'tonsil'. Many nouns do not have a synonym, especially proper nouns.

What are tonsils stones?

Tonsil stones are just a little thing in your tonsil pocket. A tonsil Stone cause Bad breath, Headaches, Fevers, and sometimes lumps in your throats. A Tonsil Stone is just germs and leftover food in your tonsil pockets. Also it can maybe cause a sore throat.

When was Tonsil Trouble created?

Tonsil Trouble was created on 2008-03-12.

Holes in tonsils?

Is there a difference between tonsil crypts and, tonsil holes? If so what is it?

What is the cpt code for excision of tonsil tag?

42860 is the CPT for excision of tonsil tag

What do tonsil stones look like?

Tonsil stones are yellow or whitish irregular shaped object which is commonly found inside the small pockets of the tonsil.

Is there a difference between tonsil crypts and tonsil holes?

I'm not a doctor but I did suffer for a long time with tonsil stones. That led me to do a TON of research and I do know that tonsil holes and tonsil crypts are basically the same. Just peope's diffferent wasy of calling them. If you want more information about this, you can go take a look at the related links below.