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Q: How do you open the cheat box in kotor?
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How do you Open the Cheat Box on Myspace Mobsters?

how do u open the cheat box on mobster

How do you open cheat box on SIM Day and Night?

To open the cheat box, you either do ctrl c or /n

What are cheat codes for sims 3?

Open the cheat box and type testingcheatsenabled true Then open it again and type help in the cheat box That should give you all the cheats

How do you open the cheat box in the sims?

Ctrl and C

How do I open the cheat box for GTA San Andreas on the xbox?


What are some appropret cheat codes for the PC sims 2?

There's a lot type in help into the cheat box ( open the cheat box by holding ctrl, shift and c)

How do you open the cheat box on sims 3 wii?

click a, b and +

How do you get the cheat codes to work on the sims bustin out?

ctrl shift and c should open a box then just type in the cheat and press esc to get rid of the box.

How do you open up the cheat box in single player minecraft?

press t

How do you open the cheat box on sims life stories?

shift control c

How do you open the cheat box in minecraft?

What I think you're referring to is the mod for Minecraft "Too Many Items" if you download and enable the mod it should be very easy to do. To simply open up the "cheat box" or menu press the I or E key to open your inventory.

How do you clear the cheat box on sims 2 double deluxe?

Well the answer is in your question! Just open the cheat box, (CTRL SHIFT C) then type, "clear" with out the " marks. then your cheat screen will be blank besides the cheat "Clear"..... hope that helped you