How do you occupy a flat in evony?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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Send troops to attack the flat and as long as you got empty space for valleys in your Townhouse, you will occupy the flat when you win the fight.

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Q: How do you occupy a flat in evony?
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In evony how can you see how many of your troops occupy a flat?

You click on REPORTS and then on ARMY MOVEMENT, select the appropriate army (it has most likely the status CAMP) and click on VIEW.

What are valleys in evony?

A valley in Evony is a Flat, Lake, Desert, Grassland, Hill, Forest.

What is a flat in evony?

A flat is the only land which you can conquer and then build a new city upon.

On the game Evony what happens when you abandon your city?

It turns to NPC of the same level of the flat you built it on.

How do you conquer level 10 flat in evony?

jump over the tidal rock, you'll find a death sword

How to change the level of an npc on evony?

You cannot. You can wait for the flat to naturally elevate as the server cycles otherwise the NPC is based on the level of flat you obtain it as... Flat 1 = NPC 1 Flat level 10 = NPC 10 so on...

What to send to a level 10 flat on evony?

It depends on the amount of troops at the flat, but generally you should have the following troops:At least 10K archers11 of workers, warriors, pikemen, and swordsmen as layering

How do you conquer a flat in evony?

you must hav a free valley spot in your Town Hall send troops to it if you kill all of them its yours

When did Evony happen?

Evony happened in 2009.

Will there be a new Evony?

Evony age II is now out.

How do you teleport a city to a specific location in evony?

you have to get an advaced city teleporter select an empty flat then teleport a random one will let you pick what state

Can you or can you not get evony offline?

yes u can download desktop evony