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Q: How do you not wake up tired after a good night sleep?
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Why do you sleep 12 hours a night?

If you wake up still tired you may have a sleeping disorder. It is a common disorder and you shouldn't feel worried about it. If you don't feel tired when you wake up you were just really tired. If you have any more questions ask me on my bio page.

When do dolphins go to sleep and wake up?

They sleep in at night and wake up in the morning.

Do seahorses sleep?

they find a warm place, and settle in for the night they wake up at 5:00 in the morning. Then they seek for food. They like to eat before they sleep ; they enjoy that niggaitis :)

How many hours of sleep is it easiest to wake up from?

For a kid about 8 - 10 hours of sleep is fine for an adult maybe a little less but it also depends on how tired you were that night hope I helped:) From ?

What time do cheetahs wake up?

they sleep in the morning and wake up in the night

How does sleep affect your performance in sport?

it gives you rest so then when you wake up you will not be tired

How are hamsters nocturnal?

they sleep in the day and wake up in the night

Why is it bad to sleep during the day and stay up at night?

your body has a biological clock built into your brain so even if you went to sleep in a room with no lights you would wake up at the time you would usual y wake up, so when you start to go to sleep at day and wake at night it throws this 'clock' off balance and you will start to feel tired and your brain will not function properly it is only after about 1yr when your brain will start to get used to used to different times

How many hours sleep should you have?

Kids should at least get 11 if you don't you wake up tired and have you little sister waking you up EVERY MORNING and adults should have 7 because their body has fully grown so get at least 11 hours a day of sleep and good night by: ILOVECAYMAN JJW

How long hamsters sleep?

Hamsters are nocturnal they sleep throughout the day and wake up at night

when do you normally see bats?

at night when they hunt. They sleep during the day and wake at night(nocturnal).

When do crows sleep and when do they wake up?

They sleep at night or when it becomes dark in groups. They rise in the morning with the sun.