How do you moonwalk on woozworld?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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You type /moonwalk then walk around and you will be doing the moonwalk

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Q: How do you moonwalk on woozworld?
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How do you moonwalk in woozworld?

type /moonwalk.... by master1996

How do you moonwalk in place woozworld?

You type in /moonwalk in the chat box. Add me! I'm CreepersGoBOOM on woozworld. Look at my video "3 Woozworld Cheats"

How do you enter a woozworld cheat?

You can't cheat woozworld. Although there is a cool type command. Type /moonwalk and click some where to moonwalk!

How do you do the Moonwalk on woozworld?

In the box where you type write /moonwalk then press enter and start walking!

Where to enter woozworld cheat codes?

type /moonwalk to moonwalk your character like MJ!

Does woozworld have any codes?

Yes, only one. /moonwalk Which allows you to moonwalk in any room.

How do you do the moonwalk in woozworld?

Type in /moonwalk then walk somewhere! I really hopes this helps you! :-) +Add ME -Amanda---

How do moon walk on woozworld?

tO MOOnwalk type in on ur chat bar /moonwalk enter that and click somewhere

How do you stop doing moonwalk on woozworld?

u just have to go the a different rooma nd it stops then u only do it when u type moonwalk again :)

Are there any other coes for woozworld?

You can only type /moonwalk to walk backwards. At the moment.

How do you walk backwards in woozworld?

In the chat box, type in /moonwalk your character will walk backwards instead of foward, but you must log out to undo it.

How do you do a moonwalk cheat in woozworld?

Just type on the bubble chat this-------> /moonwalk then press enter then walk.Again I will reapeat. Steps 1.Type /moonwalk in the bubble chat 2.Press enter then walk (dont stop clicking or else u will stop but u can do it again) :) I wish You Like My Answer:)