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By doing them a lovely & calm massage or making them go to sleep.

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Q: How do you make people feel relaxed?
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How do barbiturates make people feel?

Barbiturates make people very relaxed, calm, and sleepy

Why birthday balloons are important?

they make people feel jovial and happy. These are all the things you want during a birthday party. They also make people feel more comfortable and relaxed

What does making people feel at ease mean?

it means making them feel comfortable and relaxed and welcomed

Does laughing makes you relaxed?

Laughing can indeed make you feel relaxed. Laughing releases endorphins, which relieves both pain and stress.

Why do people feel more relaxed after they pray?

Because god gives them connivance

Why do designers design?

it calms people down and makes them feel relaxed and not as stressed

Reasons people drink at social settings?

People tend to feel uptight in social settings. Smallamounts of alcohol reduce inhibitions and make people feel more relaxed when dealing with others. Larger amounts create social mishaps.

Why do you have to urgently pee as soon as get you get home?

Its because of psychological effect. As soon as we reach home we feel comfortable and relaxed,also urinary sphincter may be relaxed, that's why people feel urge to do so.

How do you Get your girlfriend relaxed?

Make her feel welcome n free wen Eva she comes around.

How do you tell your boyfriend you are moving away?

sit him down make him feel relaxed and then let him know.

What are the social effects of cannabis?

It generally makes people feel happy, talkative, peaceful and relaxed.

How did people feel about the sea empress?

nature people can just walk down the beach enjoying the view that will make u feel do relaxed and calm makes u forget all the negative things u been through in ur life