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put air freshners in your pants

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Q: How do you make farts not smell bad?
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Why do grapes make your farts smell bad?

Cause u suck man

Is it bad your farts smell really bad all the time?

no it is not bad

What farts supposed to smell bad?

If you eat stuff like bread pudding, stuffing, spices. The more smellier the food is the more likely you're farts will smell bad. Also alot of mushy food like moshy pea's or just general mushy foods can make farts bad. Also junk food can make ur farts smell.if you got a bad fart it means you need a poop

What types of gas make up Asia?

Farts, c02,bad feet smell and poo

Who was SIR created for?

farts smell really bad

Are farts red?

No, there bad smell are you can't see

Why do beer farts smell bad?

Because of the alcohol.

Why are farts upsetting to some people?

Some farts smell pretty bad unless your nose is used to bad smell or desensitized you will find it repelling if not exactly upsetting

Does holding in farts make you smell badly?

Yes, they do make you smell bad. It depends on if you have to let a big one or a little one out. Depending on how bad and/or long it lasts will determine how long it will stay around.

What is the worst smell?

eggy farts.....bad breath....minuare

Does eggs make your'e farts smell bad?

Yes my step-dad eats egg sandwiches. We were in the car and as you know silent farts stink, so this awful smell came into the car and it stunk so much we had to get out of the car

What are the different kinds farts?

silent but deadly and the kind where theres a series of loud continuous farts but they don't smell as bad and there are juicey farts that smell yummy