How do you look like Nancy drew?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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If possible, you need to get your hands on some penny loafers, thigh socks or tights, a plaid skirt or dress and a hairband. And to top it off, a magnifying glass. These can easily be found in charity stores, etc. If you can't get your hands on loafers, try a pair of plain flats. Remember, Nancy likes to be color coordinated so try and keep the colors the same. If you can, a cardigan would be nice too. Hope this helps.


Well, that depends if you are talking about in the movie then you need to dress in a skirt or a dress, completely appropriate, she seems to favor purple and red and she seems to go plaid. she also likes practical, sensible, low-teck things such as penny loafers.

If you are talking about the oldest one than dress like its the great depression, simple tight dresses with petticoats and corsets, stockings (sometimes), lipstick, tons of make up, and high heels.

If you are talking about the 40's I'm pretty sure that's about right she's more relaxed and the trends are changing the neck is still high but shes wearing jeans and going all out as she even wore boots.

The last book in the 'real' series Captive Witness and it's 1956 and this is the dress it's once again the Great Depression with the whole tight dresses with petticoats and corsets, stockings (sometimes), lipstick, tons of make up, and high heels.

Now in the girl detective series it's jeans and a completely appropriate shirt and sneakers.

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Q: How do you look like Nancy drew?
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Nancy Drew is old-fashioned. She has shoulder length strawberry blonde hair, she wears loafers, hand-knitt sweaters, and skirts. She is known for her detective work.

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she is a teen detective that solves mysteries! Nancy Drew is the main character of the Nancy Drew mystery stories, Nancy Drew on Campus books, and Nancy Drew Files books.

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Bess is very petite, Short-cropped blonde hair. Nancy's best friend and George Marvin's Cousin:)

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Nancy drew is in 20s or teens

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