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Q: How do you know the person is healthy?
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What does a dawning of a healthy sentiment mean?

I don’t know know know know know know know know know?????!!!!!!

What is your idea of a healthy person?

A fit and healthy person

How many unhealthy teenagers are there?

all of em! fatso's ^^^^^^^^^^ this person doesn't know the healthy ones then

What are the benefits of a healthy person?

what are some benefits of having a healthy person

Can a fat person also be healthy?

A fat person can be healthy, yes.

How can you describe the healthy person?

a healthy person eat fruits and vegetables

What do you call a person that is mentally healthy?

A mentally healthy person is safe

If someone likes a boy but they don't know if he likes that person back?

umm ask the honest, its the first step to a healthy relationship

What is an egocentric person?

mostly a healthy oneyou have to experience and know your EGO before you are able to let go

How does a person with a healthy mind behave?

A person with a healthy mind behaves appropriately.

What percent of the human body is fat?

It really depends on the person. I guess a healthy person would be about 10-15% at the most. I don't know, maybe.

What does a healthy person usually do at home?

healthy person usually do at home heavy work