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Q: How do you know if you have drank too much?
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What is the duration of The Boy Who Drank Too Much?

The duration of The Boy Who Drank Too Much is 1.65 hours.

When was The Boy Who Drank Too Much created?

The Boy Who Drank Too Much was created on 1980-02-06.

Why do you pee too much?

because you drank to much if somthing!!

Apache definition of 'death'?

He who drank too much

Why are dinousaurs so big?

they eat too much and, that's how they died and drank too much.

Did John Smith note that the president?

He drank too much.

What justifications did Jackson have on the Indian removal?

They drank too much.

Did Shakespeare die because of drinking too much?

Yes, he died because he drank too much of alcohol.

How many beer can drink when driving?

you already drank too much

Why do some plants have wings?

they drank too much red bull

Who drank chocolatl and on what occasion?

by chocolate

You drank too much and now you find it hard to breathe what do you do?

This sounds gross but try to burp as much as you can