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Q: How do you know how much to insure your house for?
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How much to insure your west highland terrier?

Unless your Westie is one of the breadwinners of the house, I would not insure it at all.

How much would you insure your house if it is appraised at 75000 initially?

You need to insure it at replacement cost not value or appraised value. Call your agent.

How much would it cost to insure a F-18?

Probably about a couple million dollars. I know State Farm won't insure it.

What insurance company will insure house with a pool without a fence or a gate?

Good question. Probably none that I know of.

Can you insure a house with mold?

Yes, but the premiums will be higher.

Is a person required by law to insure his or her house and car?

Most places you are required to insure your car to protect anyone you may hit or injure. Most mortgages require you to insure your house. If you do not have a mortgage there is no requirement, other than stupidity.

How can you insure lamborghini?

Yes, you can pretty much insure any car if you can afford it.

Can you put insure in a sentence?

I will insure your car so repairs don't cost as much.

How much does it cost to insure a car, at the bare minimum?

The bare minimum to insure a car is $500

How much money does a small afordable house cost?

If you know what is affordable, and the specified house is small, then that is how much it costs.

Do you insure mobile homes?

Yes, you should and it is a lot less than a real house.

How much is it to insure a Yamaha aerox moped?