How do you keep a heathy?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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Q: How do you keep a heathy?
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What is the function of proteins and carbohydrates?

keep you heathy

How do keep your excretory system heathy?

Drink lots of water and do excersises

How do you keep brain heathy?

by eating healthy and getting lots of exersize

What does a air pump do for fish?

it cleans the tank and keep the fish heathy

Why is it important to keep your animals heathy?

because if they do not have enough exercise and are not treated when they are sick, they could develop a deathly illness!

What can you do to keep my repiretory system heathy?

I can advise you to avoid cigarette smoke and vehicle exhausts. Purge your room twice a day.

How will basketball keep you heathy?

You run a lot in basketball, there for it makes you fit, but it also depends on how long you play it and how hard. And what you eat.

How do you keep your nerve system heathy?

by you avoiding drugs and alcohol because it messes up your brain. And the brain is a part of the nervous system

What if you don't eat healthy food?

If you dont eat heathy foods then you wont be heathy. Its as simple as that.

How does a skeleton keep your body heathy?

Your skeleton keeps your body healthy by keeping your body up and moving it also makes you VERY strong.

How does the muscular system work with the other systems to keep the body healthy?

by keeping it heathy by eating more vatiums and veggies and do some exerise.

Which sweets are heathy?